1 dead, 7 injured in shooting at STEM school in Colorado; 2 suspects detained ✅✅✅

The school of more than 1,800 students was immediately put on lockdown as authorities searched for the shooters.

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  • Let me guess mental illness, the threat for America is from inside not the out,maybe that's what these media people can't swallow,for once paint the real threat WHITE NATIONALISTS.

  • GUN CONTROL DOESN'T WORK, WHEN DO YOU REALIZE THAT? CRIMINALS ARE CRIMINALS. And that means, CRIMINALS don't follow the law. Which law? Well, the law of gun control. Idiots… y'all really wanna get everyones gun taken away just so we can't defend ourselves later on a land full of mentally ill people with guns and a tyrannical government.

  • It's not mental health, it's not lack of gun control, it's not that these kids wanted to do that (I just found out, one of the shooter was a normal person with no history of mental health issues).

    Let me tell you this (but before I do, I want you guys to do your research before you call me crazy or dumb)

    Many (if not all) of the school shootings that happen(ed) in america in such a short period of time, don't really happen because these kids are allegedly crazy/mad or whatever. They are being forced to do that without their knowledge. Many of them end up being dead or missed. (Also, parents of shooters end up like "I know my kid would never do that" and "That was not predictable at all, this can't be true") How are they being forced to do that? Well, there are advanced technologies that alter the brain through antennas (did you even acknowledge all the big weird antennas at many schools, fast food restaurants, stores, etc…? Exactly these GWEN Towers are one big form of mind control*. The government is using highly advanced technologies to manipulate ones thought process. Literal *mind control*, that's what it is. They also use a technology called *Voice To Skull which lets one (as the nane says) hear voices inside of their head. They don't even know it's manipulated ones. They genuinely think as if it is their thoughts in their head. It can also be manipulated to make that person think, it's "God" talking to them personally. Laugh at me all you want, call me crazy and sick all you want, but as I said: LOOK IT UP before calling me names and making a fool out of yourself. Just look up the names I wrote in bold. Secret documents about these kind of technologies got leaked several times.

    So let me sum it up: These "school shooters" aren't school shooters. They are – as sad as it is, and believe me or not – victims of highly advanced mind control. Right now all of the informations about these topics are on the internet. Do your research before they remove it all (and they are actually being removed which just means that it's against their interests).

    You gotta wake up. Stop listening to the fear mongering brainwashing media. Stop going to the indoctrination centers (oh I mean schools). Stop trusting the evil disgusting government. They are NOT here to help you or protect you. Thr world is not as bubbly and peaceful as you think/wish.

    I'm sorry for these 2 'schooters' and the ones that got affected by the shooting. They had a whole life ahead of them. Rest in peace.

  • I a zoo, when an animal acts out or attacks a zoo keeper usually some questions get asked. In a large scale if animals of the same species act out or kills the keeper people rush. What's different in its environment, what's its diet. What's causing it. See it sounds foolish but if we view humans as animals it makes since. We dont declaw and remove a tigers teeth if they keep attacking we figure out what's causing it. In this case, it's the environment. But no ones seems to think that. Take away the guns and kids will kill with pencils. You can remove the weapon but not the problem and since this is a global issue then obviously it's the environment

  • And they say India is not safe
    You can't even protect your children
    And spend 3 trillions USD just to change the regime of so called helpless countries
    India help Afghanistan by construction of roads and dams for electricity , parliament , schools , library without any money or goods from Afghanistan with only 1 billion USD
    What the fuck USA is doing there that needs 50 billions USD per year
    Stealing atomic bomb raw materials And oil !??
    Shame on you guys

  • Execute them both publicly…shit you know what extend the punishment to their immidiate families. Cut a couple of toes, and ear maybe a few nipples of some of them and live stream it. Maybe that will put the fear of the god, the devil godzilla and king kong in future wannabe shooters.

  • Smh I don’t understand these schools. I’ve been outta school for 10+ years & back then we def weren’t worried about someone shooting up the school. Never mind that, where I went to school, we always had metal detectors, sentry guards & 1-2 actual cops. WTH

  • I disagree with y’all saying we need armed guards, YOU can literally prevent this yourself! If anyone is being bullied or looks depressed then talk to them, give em a reason to not murder.